In recent months Orange Environment has been actively seeking to preserve the prehistoric caves located at Mt. Lookout in Goshen.  Archeological studies date human use of these cave as early as 12,000 years ago, placing the caves as one of oldest sites of human activity east of the Mississippi River.  Yet most people who live in Orange County are unaware of the historical importance of these caves. To increase recognition of this significant landmark and to advocate for a better understanding of this unique site, Orange Environment (OE) is sponsoring a poster contest for high school students titled “Save the Caves at Mt. Lookout.”  The competition is open to 10th and 11th graders in Orange County’s public schools. We think this will be a great interdisciplinary learning tool about the history of humankind in North America encompassing the arts, the sciences, and social studies. Please refer to the Resources section on this website for info on: the caves and their history, contest rules, and a reference list of articles and videos your students can use as a starting point to develop ideas for their posters.                                                                                            Contest Rules are as follows:                                                                                           -Contest open to all 10th and 11th graders in Orange County public schools                    -Posters must say “Save the Caves at Mt Lookout”                                                            -Size requirement: 11” x 17”                                                                                                -Two media categories: hand-painted art (acrylic, watercolor, marker, etc.) and                 digital (computer-generated) art                                                                                        -Prizes in each category:                                                                                                     Hand-painted:1stplace=$75 gift card/2ndplace=$50 gift card/ 3rdplace=$25 gift card           Digital art: 1stplace=$75 gift card/2ndplace=$50 gift card/ 3rdplace =$25 gift card             -Submission deadline is Thursday, April 15, 2021                                                               -Prizes will be announced Monday April 26, 2021                                                               -Digital works to be emailed to as attachment                 -Submission requirements and drop off info will be sent in a follow-up letter                     -All prize-winning works will be exhibited at schools and venues around the county            and promoted in the media and through the Orange County Arts Council                       -Criteria for judging the posters will be creativity of delivering the message                       -Judges to be announced in a follow-up letter                                                                           We look forward to seeing all the inspiring and informative artwork students can create! If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at                                                                                  Mary Altobelli, OE Caves Contest Coordinator           Toby Schack, OE Vice President

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