Environmental Ordinances are Effective Tools for Environmental Preservation

Environmental Ordinances are Effective Tools for Environmental Preservation

The “How To” of Environmental Ordinances

This website provides a general approach to passing and drafting local ordinances as tools to protect the environment. It includes tips for writing, structuring, and passing ordinances and defines key concepts often used to preserve open space and protect sensitive areas. The definitions point out benefits and pitfalls of certain schemes. You will find sample sections of actual ordinances and ANJEC (Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions) members can access a database of hundreds of actual NJ ordinances. ANJEC, Web address: http://www.anjec.org/html/ordinances.htm#zoning, Phone (973) 539-7547.

Model Stormwater Control Ordinance

Here you can read a model stormwater control ordinance for lands within an overlay zone. This is a well-drafted ordinance that has passed in New Jersey and could be helpful in drafting a similar ordinance. Great Swamp Watershed Association, Web address: http://www.greatswamp.org/Education/modelord.htm, Phone: (973) 538-3500.

Smart Growth Ordinances

The Smart Growth Gateway provides smart growth case studies and links to many different types of environmental ordinances passed in New Jersey. Much can be learned from New Jersey’s experiences in growth. New Jersey Future, Web address: http://www.smartgrowthgateway.org, Phone: 609-393-0008.