March 5, 2007 – Orange Environment to watch new Stewart growth

Press Release 2007/03/05

Orange Environment to watch new Stewart growth

Stewart Airport – As the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey gets ready to take over control of Stewart Airport at Newburgh, a key environmental organization in the Mid-Hudson Valley plans to keep a watchful eye on any future plans.The Port wants to transform Stewart into a reliever airport for the overcrowded New York metropolitan area airports and Orange Environment, Inc. wants to make sure that any growth is carefully studied and includes a lot of public participation, said its president Michael Edelstein.

“This can’t be a situation where the Port Authority comes in and ramrods through a project, because you don’t want a situation where all the positives people have dreamed about are clouded out by negatives that they didn’t anticipate,” he said.
Edelstein said Orange County and the Mid-Hudson Valley cannot lose their quality of life by any future development at Stewart.

Edelstein: “clouded out by negatives”