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Orange Environment’s Founding Members

The three founders of OE are Dr. Michael R. Edelstein, President of OE since its inception, and professor of Environmental Psychology at Ramapo College, NJ, for the past 30 years where he teaches courses on Sustainable Communities, Environmental Assessment, Environmental Psychology, and Environmental Studies. His private research has focused on the social and psychological impacts of environmental contamination; he is the author of Contaminated Communities, Westview Press, 2004, 1988. Liana Hoodes served as Vice President and Secretary of OE and then became OE’s Administrative Director from 1988-1992. During this time she also coordinated one of our most successful projects providing low-cost bulk radon testing kits for residents of Orange County. This project served as a resource for the USGS in developing priority areas for further research within the county. Elmire Conklin served as Treasurer at OE’s incorporation. In forming OE, all three sought to preserve Glenmere Lake, a local reservoir and water resource for a local community.