Flush With Biden’s Infrastructure Cash, New York Is Choosing Highways Over Public Transit

The law will ultimately deliver New York nearly $6 billion in “flexible funds” that are earmarked for highways but can be spent on transit instead, if the federal government gives its permission. But New York has rarely asked for it. Meanwhile, the Transportation Department is using the bonanza to pursue dozens of highway expansions. The ReThink Rte 17 Coalition, which OE is a founding member of, is working to get sustainable alternatives to adding a 3rd lane in spots.

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Making Monarch Oases

A winery, a 4-H club, some lawn-owners and others are learning to serve and save pollinators.

In the publication ‘Tri-State Lookout’ writer Jessica Cohen details the efforts of Orange Environment Inc and its board member Dr. Joe Grizzanti and science advisor Dr. Anne Wibiralske on starting a regional initiative to create habitat for Monarch butterflies and other pollinators by asking local homeowners to convert some or all of their lawns to pollinator habitats filled with native pollinator plants.

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How to grow mushrooms in your own backyard 3.18.23

Mushrooms are a remarkable source of food and medicine that have been cultivated and wildcrafted by humans for thousands of years. This workshop will introduce participants to the world of mushrooms: their role in making healthy soils and forests and their potential in growing them in a home environment or on a commercial scale.

The morning session will focus on mushrooms and their medicinal applications, methods of mushroom cultivation (shiitakes on tree logs, lion mane/oyster on totems, and Stropharia in woodchips), bed and log prep, maintenance and harvesting, yard management, and economics of growing mushrooms as a small farm enterprise.

In the afternoon session participants will inoculate shiitake mushroom spores into logs and then take them home to see them grow and reap a harvest.

Sign-up for both sessions! See the attached flyer for registration information or go directly to http://orangeenvironment.square.site/.

How to grow mushrooms in your own backyard 3.18.23

What is the full price of widening Route 17?

OE President Emeritus Michael Edelstein, cited in this article, lays out the issue of of poorly controlled growth, inadequate planning and weak environmental reviews as the making of this proposed “need”. He recommends that any future widening proposals must be studied in much greater depth, weighing alternative solutions, the potential impact on air pollution and most importantly should consider climate change as a key factor in any widening studies.