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Living Green, Being an Informed Green Consumer

Living Green, Being an Informed Green Consumer

Living Green, Being an Informed Green Consumer

Get the Green Insights Before You Buy

The Green Guide is a monthly publication with consumer insights for healthier living, green home tips, product reviews and information, environmental health and wellness articles, and green living advice. This site posts current articles and offers you a free bi-weekly bulletin along with the opportunity to subscribe. The subscription not only allows you to receive the monthly report, but it allows you to access the extensive on-line product guide. Here you can look up many household items (i.e. non-toxic paint, flooring, eco-carpeting, cleaning supplies, flea control, eco-friendly playground equipment, appliances, etc.) with a detailed report of the environmental and health issues that may be associated with it as well as green solutions and resources for shopping. The Green Guide Institute, Web address:, Phone: (212) 598-4910.

Are Your Personal Care Products Safe?

More than half of what you slather on your skin ends up in your bloodstream. Yet, the U.S. government does not require health studies or pre-market testing for cosmetics and other personal care products before they are sold. If you are interested in finding out what health risks are associated with the personal care products that you use, go to this site, Skin Deep. Here you will find a safety assessment of ingredients in personal care products and a searchable product guide which rates the safety of personal care products on a scale from 1-10 and lists the various risks associated with them. Environmental Working Group, Web address:

You Can Now Switch to Green Power

In New York, we can now choose for our energy to come from renewable energy sources rather than from fossil fuels. The NY Public Service Commission website contains information about what types of green power are available, which companies participate, and how you can switch over. Web address: Phone: 1-866-GRN-POWR.

There are a handful of companies providing green energy that serve the Orange and Rockland area. If you currently receive your electricity from Orange and Rockland, you can go to their site to see which companies serve this area. Web address: .

Local Resource (more info to be added, i.e. soil testing, etc)

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County is a research-based cooperative educational system which promotes agricultural sustainability, enhancing the environment, and strengthening youth and families. Among its efforts in the county include promoting farmer’s markets, 4-H, agricultural awareness, and various experiential learning initiatives for families including parenting, language, and nutrition programs. Web address:, Phone: (845) 344-1234.