Orange Environment Inc. has been working to protect Orange County NY Since 1982. The mission of the organization is to protect the integrity of Orange County (NY)’s region and promote the sustainability of its communities. 

To fulfill this mission, OE has had a distinguished record of concrete action that includes educating the public on environmental laws, fighting for good government and preserving our natural resources, organizing and training activists, producing technical reports on local issues, presenting testimony at public hearings, promoting sustainability through Permaculture workshops, and sponsoring community events. 

In the midst of these trying times of social unrest, climate change impacts and changes in our lives, OE has continued the vital work of protecting our regional environment and communities. From working to Save the Caves at Mount Lookout, holding the CPV Power Plant accountable for emissions to monitoring the impact of the Harriman STP expansion, OE is keeping true to its mission. Keeping our air and water clean, reducing the effects of climate change, and maintaining the health of our citizens and our region will preserve Orange County for generations to come! 

This year we hope you will join OE, your local watchdog group, where your membership directly supports protecting the quality of our environment and communities for you and your families. Join us in helping us hold our local governments accountable to listening to their constituents, preserving the quality of life here in Orange County, and making sure that development is ecologically friendly and smartly planned. 

Follow us on Facebook and visit this site to look for upcoming announcements for meetings on local issues, action calls, community events and workshops. 

We are a 501c3 tax-deductible organization. Please join us today!

Terra Meierdierck
President of Orange Environment