Over the years Orange Environment has brought attention to air quality issues in our region which impact the health and quality of life in our communities. Orange County was given a “C” air quality rating by the American Lung Association (ALA) back in April 2019. 

Orange Environment in the past fought to clean the local air when it was the Revere Smelting and Refining Plant (RSR) polluting our regional air with lead. OE fought in the past to protect our air and nearby school children from issues with the Nepera Chemical plant. And OE is currently active in the fight against fossil fuel power plants in our region (in Wawayanda the Calpine plant in early 2000’s and now the CPV plant, and the proposed retooling of Danskammer in Newburgh) as well as increased traffic on Orange County roads from unprecedented growth from proposed developments in the area and enterprises like casinos in Sullivan County. (Increased vehicle traffic in Orange County, including on Route 17, the Thruway and Interstate 84, contributes to lower air quality.) Part of OE’s legacy is advocating for sustainable growth and sustainable master planning for local municipalities and Orange County as a whole. “Sustainable”, “smart”, and “strategic” are important words in the battle against ill proposed commercial and residential projects that can adversely impact our air quality; terms that are the foundations to promoting cleaner air for ourselves. “Sustainable”, “smart”, and “strategic” are important words in the fight to plan our communities to our benefit and to our children’s future.