In line with the overarching philosophy of sustainability, OE offers workshops on Permaculture, a union of the words “permanent” and “agriculture”,  coined by Bill Mollison (often referred to as the father of permaculture) and Dave Holmgren in the 1970s. It is a sustainable way of growing food, a way of thinking about how we use our resources efficiently.  Permaculture design aims to minimize waste, energy input, and human labor while producing the maximum possible yield from trees, fruit trees, and plants. Everything that is produced should either benefit people or nature and nothing should be wasted. The fundamental element of suburban and urban permaculture is the efficient utilization of space and resources.

Working with OE, Peter Lai, a Master Gardener certified in permaculture practices, initiated a successful series of training programs and workshops in Permaculture Design as part of our “Practice Sustainable Living” series. Peter, often teaming with other master gardeners, offers workshops on growing shiitake mushrooms, vegetable gardening, and composting and organic gardening.