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2010 – Restore Fair Elections to the People

2010 – Restore Fair Elections to the People

Randy Hurst Editorial

Restore Fair Elections to the People

What drives the conduct of politicians today? Clearly for some it is service of country, the high road; for others it is service of corporate agendas regardless of their harm, the low road. Since the Supreme Court decision in the grossly misleading citation of “Citizens United” vs. Federal Election Commission on January 21,2010, there is no mistaking who makes what choice. I say misleading because the plaintiffs were more like wolves in sheep’s clothing; a conservative “tax-exempt” organization, which engaged in attack advertising against candidates it opposed, no ordinary “citizens” as the term suggests. Since that decision, more than ever and now by court sanction money buys elections, $4 billion spent in 2010, and corporations decide America’s future. The elections and conduct of many elected representatives, would-be politicians and talk radio charlatans attests to the wrongheadedness of this decision. And, it brings disgrace, division and tragedy to all America. In my lifetime, I have never heard so much deceptive, malevolent, and unconscionable political rhetoric and behavior as we have now. Nor have I ever felt so disheartened, outraged and apprehensive about the future of our country. Our democracy is in jeopardy. We must demand fair public elections now.

Randolph Hurst Slate Hill, NY