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October, 2010 – Fracking

October, 2010 – Fracking

Randy and Carole Hurst Letter To DRBC

From: randyjhurst

Dear Ms. Collier,

As a environmentally conscious New York resident who wants to ensure that the New York, New Jersey Highlands and the Hudson Highlands are protected and preserved for present and future generations, I am disappointed, concerned and outraged that the Delaware River Basin Commission, which was created to protect and manage our important water resources, is no longer putting the welfare of the people and our environment first but allowing consideration of the potential contamination of our natural water resources. I am appalled that the Commission may actually be putting private corporate interests first, instead.

Regulations governing the permitting for gas drilling using hydro-fracking should not be issued until the results of the US EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study and Cumulative Impact Study are completed and assimilated. Gas drilling in this basin threatens the drinking water for millions of people. Any decision to allow hydro fracking prior to a complete and comprehensive review is negligent, reckless and contrary to the public trust and welfare. I urge the commission override Brigadier General DeLuca on this misguided action.

Very Truly Yours, Randolph and Carole Hurst, NY Resident