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September 5, 2007 – Orange Environment against NYRI

September 5, 2007 – Orange Environment against NYRI

Orange Environment Against NYRI

***For Immediate Release***

OE President Michael R. Edelstein explained,

“In the 25 years Orange Environment has been working for the Orange County region, we have seen many threats, NYRI (New York Regional Interconnect) a group of foreign investors that are in the process of trying to be permitted to build a 200-mile long high-voltage power line starting from Canada and going through Orange County, is merely one of the latest and one of the most significant. But looked at from the larger picture, it is clear that we should not just react to such a threat. Rather, we must be proactive. The best defense is a strong offense.

So, now that NYRI has us focused on energy in our region, it is urgent that we use this opportunity to address the needed transition to local, renewable energy resources that many of us have worked toward since the 1970s. This transformation is put aside during periods when there is no crisis, just as water resources are ignored when there is no drought. We must use the current threat to unite stakeholders throughout our region behind a clear goal of energy planning and action that will make our region and downstate New York:

  • As energy independent as possible,
  • that will decentralize the grid and make it as resilient to interruption as we can,
  • that will create expectations for new buildings, including homes, to be at least energy neutral if not net energy producers,
  • that will combine extreme energy conservation measures based on technology and behavior
  • And that will follow the three parts of Herman Daly’s rule: to minimize use of non- renewable resources, maximize the use of renewable resources (within any limits needed to keep them viable) and protect nature’s ability to assimilate pollution that results from energy use and other human practices.

By combining maximum use of renewable resources with conserving behaviors, we can minimize or avoid future power plant expansion and siting and future transmission corridor development in and through our region while making the grid more resistant to failure. Orange Environment has worked toward these goals for decades.

The time to strike toward this agenda is now, when we are mobilized by NYRI. The fight against NYRI must be a fight for renewable local energy sources. The fight for renewable energy is a fight against NYRI. The opportunity now exists to make significant progress, achieving two vital goals simultaneously.”

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