Orange Environment, Inc.

Re-granting (for Ad-hoc fundraising)

Re-granting (for Ad-hoc fundraising)

Why use Orange Environment’s re-grant program?

The time, effort, and money needed to incorporate your organization into a non-profit (501c.3) is more than some community activists are prepared to handle for an advocacy group that may have a limited time frame for action. The re-grant process relieves the ad hoc organization from having to deal with these issues and costs. It also gives your group an immediate place to deposit your funds (any tax exempt donations made in honor of your group) and allows for easy access for dispensing funds without having to open up your own account.

Procedures for Re-grant status with Orange Environment, Inc. It’s simple!

  1. Join as a member of Orange Environment at $30.00 per person. We ask that at least 5 of your members be current Orange Environment members.
  2. Decide on a name for your group.
  3. Submit a two paragraph summary of your group’s mission, the issue your group will be fundraising on, how long the project will last and the number of active members in your group.
  4. The Orange Environment Board of Trustees will review your application to ensure that your project goals align with Orange Environment’s mission. OE retains the right to cancel any group’s regranting status if your fundraising goals conflict with our stated mission.
  5. Once approved, have checks written out to Orange Environment, Inc. and place the name of your group on the memo line on the check. Checks are mailed to: Orange Environment c/o Regrant Program, PO Box 25, Goshen, NY 10924.
  6. The checks are then deposited in Orange Environment’s account and our treasurer can make out checks for you from our account. A phone call is all it takes to arrange for payment for your expenses. Our treasurer will keep accurate records of your funds and disbursements. Please note: Orange Environment charges a 10% fee for these services and will add any donors to the Orange Environment mailing list.

If your are interested in this service or have any questions, please call the Orange Environment office at 845-294-5852 or email our Executive Director Kathy Skafidas at, You can email your application or mail it to: Orange Environment c/o Regrant Program, PO Box 25, Goshen, NY 10924.