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Letter To US Senators Re: S3072 Asking Them To Oppose

Letter To US Senators Re: S3072 Asking Them To Oppose

US Senator Jay Rockefeller West Virginia US Senate

Dear Senator Jay Rockefeller:
We urge you to oppose S. 3072, legislation seeking to delay key EPA action under the Clean Air Act to curb emissions of two
of the most important global warming pollutants from power plants and other industrial sources.

Under the authority provided by the Clean Air Act, EPA has determined that global warming pollutants endanger public health and welfare. The agency is expected to take the next step in late March by adopting a rule limiting harmful greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has recently stated that EPA does not intend to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from any industries until next year, and even then only for the very largest new and modified power plants and factories. In every case, EPA will first have to lay out in detail what it proposes to do and provide ample opportunity for the public – including the affected industries – to comment and raise legitimate concerns. Members of Congress will of course be free to raise any concerns every step of the way as well.

EPA’s ability to use the Clean Air Act as a tool to fight climate change is critical and necessary for protecting the health of the American public. More than a third of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions come from big power plants, and we will not be able to achieve the emissions reductions necessary to avert the worst impacts of global warming without addressing pollution from these plants in a prompt and meaningful way. The law gives EPA the tools to set pollution limits based on available technology and considering costs. Reasonable standards under the Clean Air Act are essential for the transition to clean energy, and no bill should block or delay that progress.

For 40 years, the Clean Air Act has achieved impressive reductions in air pollution in a cost effective manner. The forthcoming mobile source rule, supported by car makers, labor, states and environmentalists, will reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks while also reducing the amount of gas Americans need to buy. Environmental protection and cost savings are working hand in hand.

Moving forward with common-sense controls on global warming pollutants will reduce America’s oil dependence and jump-start a vibrant clean energy economy. A comprehensive climate and energy policy that builds upon the successes of the Clean Air Act will create jobs, make our nation safer and more secure, and reduce harmful pollution at the same time. Additional delay in EPA actions holds these advances back. Again, we urge you to oppose any effort to obstruct or delay EPA action on climate change.

Sincerely, Randolph and Carole Hurst Slate Hill, New York