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Sprawl Is Tip

Sprawl Is Tip

Sprawl Is Tip


It is pleasing to have the Times Herald Record discover an issue that we have been working on for the past twenty years. But the visible ugliness of sprawl is only the tip of the iceberg. Our real concern must be the myriad ways that our dumb growth has eroded the health of our land, the vibrancy and livability of our communities and the viability of our local economy. An alternative Sustainable Path will require extensive public consideration about how to preserve and restore the natural features, resources, and critical conditions of our landscape, how to protect and rebuild our communities and community life (cities, villages, and rural areas), and what kinds of economic base can best provide livelihoods and opportunities for our residents.

The current revisions to Orange County?s Masterplan would provide an excellent opportunity for this dialogue, were the process to be opened to the public and if there was county leadership on this issue. What can you do?

  1. Join Orange Environment?s constructive effort to reshape the Masterplan as a path toward a

Sustainable Orange County.

  1. Ask County Executive Rampe to make the plan and the planning process public.
  2. As you consider who to vote for the next County Executive, make leadership on this issue your major

criterion. Let’s make the campaign season for the next County Executive into a critical review of sprawl, paving the way to leadership for sustainability. Contact Orange Environment at 845-294-5852, PO Box 25, Goshen 10924, or

Michael R. Edelstein is President of Orange Environment, Inc. and Professor of Environmental Psychology, Ramapo College of New Jersey