Orange Environment, Inc.




Once again outsiders propose to import garbage to the Turi landfill site in the Town of Goshen, this time from New York City. They will degrade our landscape, pollute our waters and our air, and fill our roadways with eighteen wheelers. They have vowed publicly to spend whatever it takes to succeed.

Once again, with your support, Orange Environment, Inc. will be there to oppose this threat.

You know that we have been working to protect the Wallkill River since the early 1980s. We took on Al Turi Landfill, Inc., finally closing them last year after a twenty year battle. The cu de grace came in our 1998 administrative court victory, when their expansion was denied because we proved that they were unfit to hold a permit.

You know that we tenaciously hung on in our lawsuit with Orange County over their landfill expansion for nine years while they spent millions to defeat us. In the end, we prevailed, closed the landfill, and created a fund for the Wallkill River of three quarters of a million dollars.

There have been many other battles along the way. And OE has also carried out scores of proactive programs aimed at making our county a sustainable community—where its livability is protected for future generations and, where, for example, materials are cycled to new uses rather than becoming wastes to be disposed of. But one must stop the bad to allow for the good.

And that brings us to the phone call I received a few months back from Ross M. Patten. He described his plans to buy Turi Landfill and seek the expansion they never received. I told him he would never succeed. If he wanted to spend millions in Orange County, I asked, why not make investments for our community rather than against it. But he apparently persists, threatening to spend whatever it takes to win. I say we will bankrupt him before we let him walk all over Goshen and Orange County.

But I need your help to pull this off. Once an application comes in, it could move to an issues hearing quickly, where we would have to demonstrate our standing and our case before a judge. To cover initial legal and expert costs, I need to have $20,000 on hand.

I am asking you once again to join us in this battle. If you want to be able to count on us, we need to be able to count on you. Please stand with us for the future of Goshen and Orange County.

Orange Environment, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization based in Goshen and Chester. Donations to OEI are deductible as charitable gifts (so long as IRS regulations are upheld).

Thank you,

Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D., President
P.S. Please encourage your friends and associates to join OE and to support all of our work.