Mary Altobelli expresses herself with bold colors, her main medium is oil painting and she has an infinity for the woodcut block printing process. She has been a resident of Chester, New York for over thirty-seven years and lives along the black dirt, which is a source of inspiration and a subject in her artistic work. Mary infuses her subjects with a sense of empathy and joy that she expresses through the creative process.

“As a creative person, I am always inspired by a sense of place, this applies whether I am overlooking the black dirt fields of Chester, New York, the hills of northern New Jersey or the exotic waterfalls of Panama. I am humbled by the diversity on our planet and excited each time I take brush and paint to canvas.”

Mary is an artist/activist involved with civic affairs and has organized an arts group for the Village of Chester. She has private students and has received grants for master-classes in both the Newburgh and Minisink School districts. Mary has been a member of the Seligmann Foundation, The Piermont Flywheel Gallery and participated annually at the DuskLit event in Sugar Loaf and has organized the VOCA, Village of Chester Arts.