Maximo Blake has been founding and/or managing non-profit organizations in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and New Mexico that have worked toward the development of more sustainable living environments for thirty-five years. These organizations have focused on steering high-risk youth away from crime and toward legitimate entrepreneurial economic self-sufficiency. These organizations have participated in the renovation of nearly 1,000 low income housing units, had hundreds of youth participate in numerous small businesses, and in many entrepreneurial and environmental projects, resulting in youth who have the skills and experience to make a choice between legitimate and illegitimate means of making a living.

He has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Seton Hall and advanced degrees from both Harvard (Learning Environments) and Columbia Universities (Educational Management & Philosophy of the Social Sciences). His teaching experience includes being a graduate teaching assistant in the design of learning environments, comparative education, juvenile justice, and philosophy and as an adjunct professor in the Anthropology Department of Empire State College and the Environmental Science Department of Ramapo College.

He currently lives with his wife and two children in Warwick and acts as a facility management and fundraising consultant to a number of non-profit organizations in addition to managing a small for profit general contracting company.