Dr. Joseph Grizzanti (aka “Doc”) co-owns and founded Warwick Valley Winery in 1994. He was already a prominent physician in the fields of pulmonology and immunology when he decided to pursue wine as a hobby and activity to do with his family.

Recognizing the Hudson Valley’s limitations for growing grapes, as well as the abundant apple crop that existed on the winery farm, he focused efforts on making hard cider. Thus, Doc’s Draft Hard Cider was born. Early on, Joseph recognized the importance of exposing people to new and interesting apple varieties and consequently planted and extremely diverse heirloom apple orchard. Joseph continues to practice medicine in New Jersey, and he is actively involved in everything that grows on the farm. He is a consulting rosarian, and he remains passionate about apples, trees, farm-to-table food, horticulture and the environment.

When not working with patients, in the orchard or in the gardens, Joseph enjoys listening to music, and celebrating life with friends, his family and his beloved wife, Katherine.