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Orange Environment, Inc. has been working to protect Orange County, New York and promote the sustainability of its communities since 1982. 

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Orange Environment Inc is a 39 year-old non-profit, tax exempt (501(C)3) organization dedicated to protecting the environment and communities of Orange County, New York, and the surrounding border areas of the Hudson Valley, and the New York and New Jersey Highlands between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers. 

Current Issues

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  • Climate Change
  • CPV and Danskammar Plants
  • Harriman Treatment Plant
  • Mount Lookout: Save the Caves!

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  • Climate Change
  • Clean Air
  • Sewage and Water Systems
  • Sustainable Growth & Practices

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  • The Team
  • Past Issues We’ve Worked On
  • Our Eco Blog

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Danskammer Appeals Air Permit Denial

And the fight for clean air and mitigation of climate change impacts in our region continues……

Danskammer Energy announced on 11/24/21 that it will appeal the NYSDEC 10/27/21 ruling that denied the required air permit for operation of the power plant in Newburgh.

In its denial, the NYSDEC stated “…..The proposed project would be inconsistent with or would interfere with the statewide greenhouse gas emissions limits established in the Climate Act. Danskammer failed to demonstrate the need or justification for the proposed project notwithstanding this inconsistency.” Danskammer Energy says it disagrees with the denial saying the State DEC is holding them to “standards that don’t even exist.” The CLCPA was developed in response to the climate change crisis that mandates carbon emissions reductions. The law outlines goals of reaching 70 percent renewable energy by 2030 in New York, 100 percent zero-emission electricity by 2040 and an 85 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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With your help, we can keep protecting our environment and our communities. Discover different ways you can make a difference: by becoming a member, volunteering in your county, and taking action from your home.